A Coffee Date

    November 30, 2016

    I don’t have any one thing on my mind today that’s worth writing a long post about so I thought a coffee date would be fun. Let’s pretend we’re in the coziest of coffee shops, sipping chai or cappuccinos that are the perfect temperature and taste amazing. It’s a little dreary outside but that’s okay because it’s nice and warm in here. There’s Christmas music playing, but not the annoying kind, just the kind that makes you feel festive and cheery. The kids are elsewhere (no I don’t know where they are, this is fantasy remember) and we have a whole hour to just chat.

    Since you happen to be the most amazing listener let me start.

    coffee date flat lay

    On feeling guilty.

    Seriously, what is all this mom guilt about? I feel guilty that she knows how to use her iPad but I just don’t know what to do with her in that last dark hour of the day when every book has been read and dinner needs to be made. I think I just need to get over it but then the space is filled with other things to feel guilty about like feeding her yogurt for lunch on a kitchen rag on the floor, sigh.

    On the holiday spirit.

    What are you doing to get in the mood? The day after Thanksgiving I turn on the holiday music. I let it play until midnight on Christmas Day and then it’s done. I find myself humming it while we’re out on walks. There is just something about this time of year that makes me all gushy and nostalgic for times that aren’t even that long gone, like last Christmas and Union Station in Denver.

    On traveling.

    I will NOT be traveling with my little one again for a while. Our trip to Denver was amazing but the last 30 minutes of our flight home wore both Michael and me down to the bone. She screamed, kicked, thrashed, yelled and nothing would soothe her. It’s its very own form of torture.

    But I do keep dreaming of taking a long weekend away with just Michael to visit Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. I’ve only spent a few days in Seattle, a long time ago, and one day in Portland. It’s been on my list for a while. I also keep daydreaming of Hawaii. We’re trying to go in January but we haven’t bought tickets, so there’s that.

    On current obsessions.

    I’m crazy about the mini dark chocolate star cookies from Trader Joe’s. I’ve swapped out my nightly chocolate for a bowl of these cookies. I need to stop but they’re seasonal and I’m torn between moderation and buying 16 boxes to hold me over until next November. I also picked up a box of this tea: Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Herbal Tea. I’ve been drinking it every afternoon. It tastes like it’s sweetened but it’s not and is helping with the whole holiday spirit thing. Buy some, it’s so good, if you’re into apple cider like stuff.

    On Christmas shopping.

    I have come to despise store Christmas shopping. It’s probably because I don’t really like shopping in general so why would Christmas shopping be any different? But I am 50% done and managed to order my Christmas cards yesterday. Feeling all kinds of productive for doing very little.

    On cooking.

    I made a vegetarian gravy for Thanksgiving. It required heavy cream but only a tablespoon. I didn’t want the rest of the cream to go to waste so I made a roasted red kuri squash soup yesterday. Holy delicious. I forgot how amazing cream can make soup. Let me know if you want me to post the recipe.

    On working out.

    I made a point of getting back to yoga and making a late year commitment to ab work. I spent 20 minutes of my workout yesterday doing abs. Today I went to yoga and during core work I could barely do a sit up. Why are abs so hard to strengthen and so easy to lose? No fair.

    Well, my hour is almost done and the baby needs to be picked up from day care, in real life, so I must leave our coffee date. But if our little chat left you inspired leave me a comment about what’s on your mind as well.

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