10 Easy Food Waste Recipes

June 5, 2017

A list of 10 Easy Food Waste Recipes

I think there’s a misconception around reducing food waste. People can misconstrue it as having to use up old, past its prime food, when really it’s simply being smart about what you buy and trying to use all of it. As referenced in recipes like this homemade vegetable stock from veggie scraps, these no bake energy bites using old trail mix or these peanut butter cups with leftover chocolate, reducing food waste can be really satisfying and yummy. I know I’m being a broken record about it, but this cause has its claws in me and I feel the need to seriously advocate for the planet right now. So, we’re going to talk about 10 easy food waste recipes because not talking about it isn’t an option and frankly, I don’t want to stop.

This new way of thinking is really stretching me to evaluate our habits and create recipes in new ways. I honestly love it. It makes me step out of my routine and explore different styles of cooking.

And to do that I’ve needed a little inspiration of what to do with leftover food.

Luckily, the interwebs are wonderful for this kind of research and today I’ve put together a list of 10 easy food waste recipes that you can make right this minute.

And as always, please share your solutions to reduce food waste too. I’m constantly looking for new ways to save our food.

10 Easy Food Waste Recipes

  • I’ve baked apple skins tossed in cinnamon and sugar in the past but never thought to do the same with potato skins. For the most part I leave the skins on for soups and stews but if you have a recipe that calls for peeled potatoes, use the skins for this recipe, Potato Skin Chips.



  • I shared this on the Makings Of Facebook page (follow me there for extra updates, recipes, tips and photos) a few days ago. It’s a clever way to use watermelon rind, so I thought I’d share it here too. It’s the perfect way to use up a part of the watermelon that you might otherwise throw out.


  • Have extra apple peels? You can make your own Apple Peel Tea. I love, love, LOVE apple cinnamon tea so I will definitely be trying this.



  • I heard you can use Swiss chard stems for hummus. I made some this morning! Recipe coming later this week. In the meantime, look at that dreamy color. I wonder if a certain 2 year old might think mommy is the best for creating pink hummus?

10 Easy Food Waste Recipes including this swiss chard stalk hummus

  • I’ve been meaning to share a cheese rind polenta recipe with you for ages but until then, if you have cheeses that are just about at the rind, don’t toss them. Throw them into pot and make cheese rind broth. Here’s a recipe for parmesan broth with kale and white beans using the exact method I’m talking about. She specifically uses parmesan but any hard cheese with a rind would work.


  • Looking for ways to give your produce extra life? Try replanting it! I’ve only regrown green onions so far, which by the way is as simple as putting them in a glass of water in the back of your fridge and letting them hang out. This guide has ways to regrow 16 different fruits and vegetables you probably already have around the house.


  • Not specifically a food waste recipe but still important. Check the guidelines of your local composting center. I thought I knew what should and shouldn’t be put in our composting bin. Turns out, we could have been composting milk cartons, pizza boxes and used paper towels. Get savvy about what can and can’t be composted and recycled. Since becoming more conscious about food waste over the past few months we’re down to one small bag of garbage a week and it isn’t even full. Every bit helps.


  • This isn’t specific to food waste but I found out about Freecycle recently. It’s a forum where you can offer or request free stuff. I love the idea of giving things away so they get a new life in someone else’s home instead of ending up in the landfill. Apparently you can offer surplus food as well but I didn’t see that in our area.


  • If reducing food waste is a passion of yours too, check out these 59 organizations fighting the good food fight to see how you can get involved.

There you have it, 10 easy food waste recipes. Now, what can you do to reduce food waste in your house?

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