2017 Theme Word and Resolutions

January 4, 2017

2017 Theme Word and Resolutions

How was your holiday friends? Good I hope. It already feels like it’s so far behind us. I tried really hard to hang on to the vacation week and savor it but time doesn’t stop and here we are, staring 2017, January, the sparkly new year in the face. And of course, that means high hopes, resolutions, goals and trying to be a little better than last year. That also means it’s time for my 2017 theme word and resolutions.

Last year I picked this theme word. As I look back on 2016 I’m not sure that I really lived up to that word. Maybe in some ways, like reconnecting with our new city, old friends and with all the family that has miraculously decided to also move to the Bay Area in the past month. But, I’m not sure that I truly found the connection that I desired.

I thought through why I don’t feel like I was really able to live out my 2016 resolution and I think my main problem is/was lack of follow through. I have so many ideas, so many plans but I never seem to follow through on them.

So my 2017 theme word stems precisely from that space. This will be my year for…

2017 Theme Word and Resolutions

Whether that means achieving goals, showing up or simply clicking buy, sign-up or delete. I will work to actually follow through on the things I say I will. For some reasons when it comes to my personal life, I tend to get really bogged down in the researching, planning, mapping phase. I need more action in order to make change happen.

This is precisely why my new years resolutions are less lofty and more achievable, actionable, doable, this year. They are more attainable on a day-to-day level then a yearly level. Although many people don’t like resolutions, I don’t seem to do well operating without action items so here are this year’s resolutions. All fresh, shiny and ready to be put into play.

  1. Cut out dessert for the month of January.

    Maybe it was the holidays, maybe it was the colder weather but whatever it was my sweet tooth got the better of me in December. Actually, I feel like it’s had a pretty big hold on me for a long time and I don’t like feeling so beholden to sugar.

    I’ve never gone cold turkey on dessert before but it feels like the only way to get my cravings under control. A whole year without dessert seems extreme so I’m just going to take one month to get back on track and then reevaluate how I want to reinstate sweets moving forward. For now though, no cookies, chocolate, ice cream for the next month. I’m three days in and each night I’ve sort of wanted to cry after dinner but I think that’s just proof that this needed to happen.

  2. Be in bed by 9:30 3-4 nights per week.

    Like most people with small children the hours between baby’s bedtime and your own are fleeting. I need to pack dinner, remaining chores and relaxation into a few short hours and getting to bed seems to bleed over into the 10, sometimes 11 o’clock hour. I spend too many hours zoning out in front of the TV. With that in mind, I’m striving to be in bed by 9:30 and lights out by 10:30 a few nights a week (every night seemed impractical). That hour in bed will be for resolution number 3.

  3. Read 12 books.

    I’m embarrassed to even write this but I think I read a total of 6 books last year. There was simply too much TV and not enough reading happening in my life. It’s time to flip that. I already implemented this in December and finished The Woman in Cabin 10 and am reading Fates and Furies right now.

    If you have book recos please leave me some!

    12 books is my low goal but I’d really like to shoot for more like 20.

  4. Stop scrolling my phone during meal times.

    I usually have lunch and dinner in front of at least one screen, usually my computer at lunch and the TV at dinner. I don’t need to be in front of two. I vow to put my phone down for meals. Simple as that.

  5. Be more honest about the things I want vs. what just sounds good.

    Part of following through is finding some clarity around changes I really want vs. those that just sound good on paper.

    For example, as much as I want to add meditation to my life, I’m just not in the right mindset to take that on at the present moment. Maybe in a few months, maybe not, but for now, I’m leaving it off the list.

    Same goes for waking up earlier. I really like the idea of getting up before the baby but I just can’t seem to do it. Instead of feeling guilty about it, I’m just going to savor the hour or 30 minutes I’d be sacrificing by getting up. Perhaps if I can get to bed earlier I can get up earlier or when the mornings aren’t so dark and dreary I’ll feel more motivated. But for now, it’s being tabled.

And honestly, that’s it. I’m not overextending myself with a long list of things that I don’t really want. I took a good long look at the parts of my life that needed adjusting and these are the areas that feel right. So I’m leaving it at that.

Got any New Year’s Resolutions that you want to share? Be held accountable for? Leave a comment below.

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