5 Tips For How To Get In An Early Workout

August 8, 2016

If you’re having trouble getting to the gym lately or fitting in a run or yoga class, let’s talk. Below are my 5 tips for how to get in an early workout.

5 Tips For How To Get In An Early Workout

I’ve been through plenty of phases with my workouts. Early morning runs, lunchtime gym sessions, after work yoga classes. But these days if I want to keep up a consistent yoga practice I have to get one in at 6:30am. Now I know that getting up at 6am isn’t that early, I know plenty of folks who get up in the 5 o’clock hour and before! But it’s early for me so I’ve still had to come up with a few tricks to get myself out of bed. Maybe they’ll help you too.

best tricks for getting up earlier to workout

Visualize the alternative

I love this game and I play it every time my 6am alarm rings. I lay in bed with my eyes closed and think about missing my class. How will I feel when I wake up after another 45 minutes to an hour’s worth of sleep? 9.8 times out of 10 I know I’ll feel disappointed instead of rested and that tends to be enough to get me out of bed. I reserve the other .2 for occasions when the additional sleep really will make a difference, like when you have a newborn or you have a cold.

best tricks for getting up earlier to workout

Lay it out there

I’ve read this trick before and have always thought it sort of bogus. What difference does it make if I lay my clothes out the night before? Quite a bit actually! I don’t leave myself much time between getting up and getting to class. What can I say? I like sleep more than being early. Having my workout clothes ready to slip into makes the morning run more smoothly. I’m up and out of the house in 8 minutes (yes, I’ve timed it).

Find an early morning workout partner

best tricks for getting up earlier to workout

She doesn’t really count 🙂

I wish I had this for myself but I’m still working on it. That said, I know plenty of people who have early morning running buddies and yoga partners, my class is full of them. Like I said before in this post, having someone to hold you accountable is gold.

Bribe yourself

I know, it’s a lousy way to say it but it works. If you find it hard to get up, think of something that’s worth getting up for. Coffee after your workout? A special breakfast treat? A new workout outfit after x number of classes attended? I personally like the coffee angle, especially when someone else makes it.

Go to bed!

This is a no brainer but going to bed earlier makes it easier to get up earlier. I’ve fallen into a horrible habit of going to bed around 11. I’m still making it to most of my classes but I certainly feel better on nights when I’m in bed and asleep closer to 10. If you find that an hour can pass between getting into bed and turning out the lights I also recommend plugging your phone in right when you get into bed and not touching it again until the morning.

Today’s Makings Of Small Step: Choose one of my 5 tips for how to get in an early workout and try working out early once next week. And if you have a tip of your own, please share.

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