Thank you for stopping by! I’m Lisa, the voice behind the Makings Of.

Lisa Horvath

Motherhood isn’t about perfection. Although sometimes appearances, magazines, TV and social media can make you think otherwise. Life is sticky kitchen cabinets covered in toddler-sized jammy handprints. It’s corners of the house collecting pet hair tumbleweeds. It’s bad skin and broken hearts, confusion, soul searching, feeling lost and getting stuck.

It’s quiet moments, when you’ve just turned your car into a parking garage pillar and curse out loud just to see your little one quizzically looking back at you. It’s silent tears falling after you put the baby down because there hasn’t been a moment to breathe since you rolled yourself out of bed. It’s being perpetually 10 minutes late, seeing another mom and wishing you were that together. It’s missteps and wrong words, blowing something ridiculously out of proportion, longing and wishing.

What it’s not is complacency or white flags, even on days when giving up seems like the best option and you feel like you’ve officially lost all the parts that once made you…well…you.

Let me be the one to remind you, as tired, frazzled and lost as you may feel, you are still you. And, I bet there is still a little voice in the back of your mind wondering if there’s a better way, giving you ideas to gain back small parts of yourself, showing you that growth and learning are still possible and reminding you that change and dreams do, in fact, still exist. Even amidst feedings, cleaning, conference calls, mom guilt and play dates.

What this all equates to is what we’re here to talk about, the makings of personal change.

Setting goals, changing habits, holding ourselves accountable, learning new tools, staying positive, eating better, improving fitness, evolving, constantly, one small step at a time. Because as much as we want epiphanies, cure-alls and drastic evolutions, the truth is that moving forward takes work, discipline and desire. It takes believing that personal change is possible even without radical measures, crash diets, week-long yoga retreats or quitting your day job, but rather with active, real-life steps toward your goals, everyday.

Because we are the culmination of the effort we put in, every push forward, each attempt, even if it’s yet to bring us to the end result we crave. It’s each word of advice, self help book, class we take. Every slow mile, early wake up call, minute on the meditation mat, each sure step turned fumble. These are OUR makings of, and they’re as powerful and beautiful as any end result. Let’s continue moving forward!

With love,