Beet, Pomegranate Salad with Orange Miso Dressing

November 25, 2013

With the addition of a full-time job back into my life I’m suddenly in the busy camp. I’m back to wondering how it’s suddenly 4:15 or the middle of the week or the end of the weekend. There isn’t enough time to get through my to-do list or my emails or even a blog post even though I feel the itch to write. While I’m adjusting to my new normal, I’m gravitating toward quick and simple meals. Even though it’s been hovering in the mid-30s for most of the past week, these simple meals have included lots of salads. I keep dreaming about the Whole Foods salad bar but there’s no way I can justify spending $18 on a salad every day. Instead I’ve been creating my own, like this beet, pomegranate salad with orange miso dressing. It has all the elements of the perfect fall meal.

Hearty fall vegetables…

yellow beets

perfectly juicy pomegranate seeds…

pomegranate seeds

baby romaine, lentils and a spin on my traditional miso dressing

beet pomegranate salad with orange miso dressing

I’m just loving the colors on this as well. Makes me feel like I’m coming back to life after over a week of being sick and eating nothing but brown food like bread and potatoes.

I roasted my beets and put them on the salad right from the oven which wilted the lettuce ever so slightly, just the way I like my salads.


This would probably make a pretty tasty Thanksgiving day salad come to think of it.

beet pomegranate salad with orange miso dressing beet pomegranate salad with orange miso dressing

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope you’re having a lovely last few days before holiday.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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    Loooooove this.

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