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  • month eight

    Month Eight

    I feel like I say this every month but month eight was the best yet. I’m so enjoying how interactive and fun Noe has become. It seems like everyday she learns something new. This month…

    November 13, 2015
  • It Won’t Be Like This For Long

    Whoever coined the phrase that the days go slow but the years go quick must have had 10 kids. Yesterday was one of those days. Michael has been out of town and the nanny called…

    October 29, 2015
  • Making Space

    I’ve been writing and rewriting this blog post for the last 5 days. Nothing seems right or cohesive or poignant enough to publish. Then I stop and think, well shoot, this is my blog,…

    October 26, 2015
  • I’m Losing the Race…and that’s okay.

    This week felt a little rough. I have been fairly stable juggling this whole motherhood, work, yoga teacher, housekeeper thing. But, then, I was unloading the dishwasher and the dishes just weren’t clean. How dare the dishwasher…

    June 26, 2015
  • Month One

    I don’t know if these kinds of posts are of interest to readers, I do see some subscribers unsubscribe with what I’m assuming is disinterest in all this baby talk but this blog has…

    March 11, 2015