Chocolate Almond Butter

October 22, 2013

Confession #1 : I don’t really like almonds with their skins on. You were wondering I’m sure. I like marcona almonds and slivered almonds but plain old regular almonds, meh. I’ve had a bag of raw almonds in my possession since well before we left Boston. They made the cross country trip with us without ever being opened and were shoved to the back of our new pantry as soon as we moved in. Today I got tired of looking at them and decided that chocolate almond butter was in my future and theirs.chocolate almond butter

I’ve never made almond butter. I make my homemade peanut butter once every couple of weeks but hadn’t  yet experimented with almonds. One thing I’ll note, they take a lot longer to break down than peanuts. When other bloggers say you need a good 12 minutes of processing, they aren’t joking. Eli, Guy and I were pretty sick of the food processor by the time this chocolate almond butter was done.

almonds+chocolate+saltalmond nut butter with chocolate

I wanted to mix it up and was in the mood for a sweeter nut butter so I added unsweetened cocoa and a little agave to the almonds. The result was super thick and totally delicious. Almost more of a paste than a nut butter but in a good way.

chocolate almond butter

Confession #2: Soon after the last photo was taken I grabbed a spoon and ate it straight out of the jar, no bread, no fruit. It was divine.

chocolate almond butter



Next on my list, cashew butter and sunflower seed butter.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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