My Food Waste New Year Resolution + Some Holiday Pics

January 4, 2018

Happy New Year to all! Hope you had a wonderful end to 2017. Today I want to talk a little about my food waste new year resolution. But first, a few pics from the holidays.

2017 holiday

2017 holiday

2017 holiday

We had a really lovely holiday. Then an equally lovely lazy week between Christmas and New Years with Michael off work and some slow mornings that felt just right.

2017 holiday

2017 holidayThe last week of the year is one of my favorites. As soon as the Christmas rush is over we turn our attention to organizing, purging and cleaning the house for the new year. It feels so good after the excess of the holidays and appeals to the Capricorn in me.

Out with the Christmas decorations, the boxes and paper (so many paper products). Paring down Noe’s books, organizing her toys and sorting unwanted clothes for selling and donation. Then taking a very serious look at our kitchen.

We hosted both brunch and dinner on Christmas and ended up with quite a bit of excess food, which really wasn’t the issue. We managed to eat our way through almost all the contents of our fridge and only hit up the grocery store once for a few staples. A huge win for us grocery store loving folks.

No, the issue hasn’t really been the contents of our fridge, except for the random leftovers, which I wrote more about here, since we started minding our food waste. The past six months have been great for considerably cutting down on our perishable food waste.

However, our pantry is a whole different beast. (This is after the organizing and purging for the record.)

food waste new years resolution

I still have a hard time regulating the amount of pantry food that comes in. Then feel so guilty about throwing anything out that we suddenly find ourselves with 7 (yes, 7!) open bags of chips that each have about an 1/8th left.

So my food waste new year resolution revolves around our pantry and getting a handle on the waste there.

I have a few ideas that might help:

  • Better documenting the waste so I can better manage the saving
  • Buying more from the bulk bins but in smaller quantities
  • Forcing ourselves to finish a bag of chips before opening a new one

But if you have tips for how you manage your pantries I’m all ears.

Like all my food waste adventures, I’ll be sure to share any learnings with you as I go.

For now, have a wonderful start to 2018. May your resolutions bring you a sense of accomplishment and peace throughout the year.

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  • Reply nicole January 5, 2018 at 1:57 am

    I’ve stopped buying “stuff” like snacky things except for almonds from the bulk store, crackers (1 box every few weeks) (OK and also some snack mix boxes online for the kiddies), and sometimes unsalted peanuts. I’m also getting OK with using all the rice and getting more when I can — when I couldn’t get things as easily I’ll admit I hoarded stuff and had bags of brown rice I ordered from vitacost! — which minimizes the pantry. But I think what really cuts down on food waste and “too much” is meal planning, which I love and loathe but I keep doing being it makes life easier and saves money. So I plan out a week’s worth of meals, write up a grocery list with exactly what I need, and stick to that list. I pretty much know what we like to eat and how much of it and I don’t get random stuff “to try” anymore since that leads to waste. I do mix up what veggies and fruit I buy each week so there’s some variety, but I mostly stick to dry goods staples like brown rice, lentils, dried chickpeas and white beans, oats … I wait until we finish something to buy more and while the shelves are by no means empty they are not bursting! Just some thoughts from me 🙂

    • Reply Lisa January 8, 2018 at 11:23 am

      You’re so good! That’s probably what I should do too. I like the idea of one box of crackers or snack mix per couple weeks. She doesn’t eat that much of them but I do put some in her lunches or take them as snacks for her for childwatch at the gym. For me rices, grains and beans aren’t really an issue. I buy all of those in the bulk bins and only in limited amounts. I tend to use whatever we have leftover for soups or grain bowls. I think the big issue is the snacky food and the chips (also huge wastes of packaging of course). If I can do what you mentioned I think we’ll be in a much better place. Thanks for the advice, xoxo.

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