Gluten-Free Eats

June 17, 2013

I thought I would share some of my mostly gluten-free eats from the weekend. I don’t eat totally gluten-free, mostly because it’s not necessary for me, but since I met Michael I have considerably cut down on gluten, mainly, I just eat less paninis. In reviewing the photos from our weekend I noticed a theme. I eat a lot of vegetables mixed with grains and sauce in bowls. Very little of my food is eaten on a plate. Is that weird?

Anyway, without further ado. The weekend’s gluten-free eats.

Taco salad with avocado, peppers, tomatoes and vegan ranch dressing.taco salad

Mixed steamed vegetables with curry and peanut sauce. I couldn’t decide which I wanted so I had both! This picture seems to be pre-sauce though.

vegetables and peanut sauce

I actually ate this for breakfast on Friday morning. Field roast veggie sausage with Trader Joe’s soycatash and steamed potatoes. With a side of blueberries and wedding planning of course.

field roast and potatoes

Moving away from the eats for a minute. Eli had a rough weekend. First, Guy went after him. These pictures don’t do it justice but every once in a while Eli and Guy play fight. Eli is so gentle but Guy is ferocious. He’ll swat and paw. Eli just turns the other cheek and keeps playing. We eventually had to tell Guy to cool it.

guy fighting eli guy fighting eli

Oh and on the side of this picture was my left over corn on the cob which I had with an unpictured combo dish. I made a mix of coleslaw and potato salad with vegan mayo in one bowl.

Saturday night turned out to be beautiful. We went over to Kristy and Erik’s for dinner on their deck.

We brought Eli along so he could play with Tucker.

Erik made grilled watermelon as an appetizer. Both the dogs loved it.eli and tucker

We ate al fresco with the twinkly lights and setting sun.summer bbq

Our lovely hosts made grilled asparagus, a big salad, chicken for the group and veggie burgers for me.veggie burger and grilled veggies

After dinner Eli and Tucker played. Our gentle giant again got dominated by someone half his size.eli and tucker eli and tucker

More treats followed their playing.

eli and tucker eli and tucker

After dinner we played a new to me game called tripoley. It’s an old school game that’s a mix of poker and Uno. It was so much fun!IMG_4944

Someone was not happy about losing.IMG_4945

Sunday morning this guy woke me up. Angry about something.IMG_4948

We went out for a morning run and visit to the Sowa Market, then came home for lunch. Glorified bean dip for lunch.IMG_4950

I headed out to teach in the afternoon and then stayed for the hot sweaty class after mine. I, of course, always hope you’ll come to my classes but if the time doesn’t work for some reason, you should really try Kaileen’s Weekend Warrior class at 6. It’s such a great way to finish the weekend.

After class I knew just what I wanted for dinner.

Quinoa and Kale!! I’ve never made this combo before. I’ll share the recipe tomorrow. It was simple and amazing. Quinoa, kale, roasted potatoes, asparagus and an oil and vinegar dressing.IMG_4951

The weekend ended watching a Dateline and an early bedtime.

So there you have it. A weekend of gluten-free eats, minus the veggie burger and field roast.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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