Goodbye + Hello

June 16, 2016

This post has been a long time coming and yet it took over 6 months to get here. The time has come to say goodbye + hello.

When I began blogging in 2012 I was fresh out of a long, exhausting career in advertising. We had just moved to Boston and I needed a fresh start and a new challenge. I was reading a ton of food blogs at the time and was very into cooking, so it seemed only natural to take my newly found free time and direct my efforts toward a blog of my own.

In that first year I blogged often, did tons of recipe development and learned about SEO, self hosting and a little about coding. My passion for Quinoa, Kale and Exhale was at an all time high.



But…then life happened. Michael and I got married, we moved to Denver, I took a new full-time job and blogging became secondary, my posts sporadic at best.

Then we moved again, and again. We bought a house, I was working and commuting and trying to juggle everything. Blogging continued to take a backseat and when I was able to write I didn’t really want to talk about recipes or cooking. My time was so limited and recipe development felt cumbersome, like another item to check off the to-do list. It was no longer joyful. So, I only wrote when I had time to dedicate to a certain recipe, which wasn’t often.

Then the biggest change of all, we had a baby. After Noe was born I found myself even less drawn to food and more toward bloggers and Instagrammers who were talking about real life. I was searching for a like-minded community of women and moms who were sharing stories about balance, self-improvement, family, and wellness, in an honest way. I found some of this amidst the glossy stylized food writing and lifestyle posts, but not enough.



Around this time, I began working with a career coach and we talked a lot about my writing, this space and what the future holds for it. As we finished our sessions, I knew it was time to let go, QKE had run its course. It served me well for over 3 years but the premise of the site felt like it was holding me back. I am not a food blogger, a full-time recipe developer or a yoga guru, my interest are broader than that. The focus of the old blog felt limiting and like I was holding on to an out-of- date sweater because it once fit well. My interests were pulling me in other directions and I was tired of holding on to who I was.

So what is it that I want to write about you ask?

In a nutshell, real life: worries, dreams, inspirations, motivations, wellness, balance, self care, motherhood, fitness, healthy habits, lessons learned, or at least lessons attempted.

I want to write about what goes into making someone who they are.

The pieces, not the final product.

The works in progress, not the beautifully completed project.

This is the space that feels joyful and fun for me to talk, and write, about. And the more I speak with others about what is truly and authentically happening in my life, the more I find that I’m not alone. We’re all working on something and, quite honestly, this fascinates me. I love hearing about the way others think, the way they’re working to make changes, about the tricks and tips that have helped them along the way.



So, with much thought and love, I’ve decided to redirect my efforts. As you’ve already seen, my new blog is called Makings Of.

The Makings Of is all about the work in progress. The real, human, work we must put in to make changes happen. It’s about the pieces, even the imperfect ones, that make up who we are and who we’re hoping to become. This blog will still include healthy recipes, but you may also find a recommendation for a great book, a simple tip for finding motivation, an idea to spark creativity, a new mind-blowing product or a story about the craziness that is motherhood, because at the end of the day, these are all the makings of my own, ever-evolving self! And, because I believe that change really does begin quietly and simply, I plan to experiment with summarizing each post into a bite-sized action you can put in place without much thought or worry.

My hope is to connect with more of you, get a dialogue going between readers – because we really are our best resources – and create an ever evolving, striving, honest, wellness-happy community.

You will still be able to find old Quinoa, Kale and Exhale posts in the archives and there is an updated recipes section as well. Those of you who email subscribe to blog posts will continue to receive them. If you’re signed up through, posts will still appear in your feed but if you want emails to your inbox please subscribe again in the side bar. If you find that you aren’t getting emailed posts please do reach out. My goal is also to get more consistent about posting, aiming for two times a week instead of being so sporadic. If there are any topics in particular that you’d like me to cover, let me know.

If you got this far, thank you so much for supporting this space. I hope you find the evolution enjoyable and come along for the ride.

One last time, let me sign off…

Enjoy and Exhale!

P.S. Special thanks to my web designer Lindsay at Writefully Simple and to my dear friend Kyle Toyama for the lovely new logo and strategic chat. Couldn’t have done it without you!

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