Health + Wellness

Health + wellness is probably one of the largest makings of who you are. I’ve lived by the philosophy that if you’re healthy you’re wealthy, which conversely means if you’re unhealthy (or not in optimal health) you’re likely feeling poor, or at least poorly.

Because health + wellness is such a crux of my life, I wanted to share my philosophy on it here. Really it’s is pretty simple.

Do what’s best for you but don’t be afraid to change things up.

This is how I approach everything: food, fitness, sleep, beauty, motherhood, meditation, etc. Adaptability has been the key to my success.

I am a big believer in the evolution of health + wellness to fit your current lifestyle. There have been seasons of my life that have been all about yoga (hello Yoga Teacher Training) and times when I’ve been more focused on my running. There have been months when I’ve been diligent about core work and long stretches when I haven’t done a single sit up. It’s all about finding balance and knowing that your very definition of balance will change over time.

Sure, it’s great to find motivation in what works for others (heck, isn’t that what makes blogs and social media so great?) but you have a tailor your health + wellness to what works for you. I personally don’t feel great eating low carb, juice cleanses don’t appeal to me and I enjoy running too much to dedicate my time to swimming or cycling. But that’s just what works for me, right now. Maybe someday I’ll change my tune.

I’ve found that if you do the best you can and you’re honestly giving all you have in that particular moment (and all you have may be 100% one day and 45% the next), then you’re doing just fine. Expecting yourself to be perfect, day in and day out, will only cause you unneeded stress, strife and worry. So move forward, guilt-free and let the rest go.