Hiking Colorado: Chief Mountain

September 30, 2013

After a rainy, cold Friday, this weekend was beautiful. Sunny, warm, blue skies, exactly what I was promised when we decided to move to Colorado. On Sunday, my new brother and sister-in-law, Andy and Cathy, took me and Eli hiking (Michael is out of town for work 🙁 ).

We hiked yesterday afternoon but before that I took Eli on a morning walk around their neighborhood. The leaves are just starting to change. I love this tree, it perfectly represents the progression of seasons and change.fall colors fall colors

You can just see the beginnings of snow on the mountains in the background from Friday’s rain.

fall colors

In the afternoon we piled in the car, Eli wasn’t very happy about sitting in the back of the truck, and headed up to Chief Mountain outside of Evergreen.


This is why we moved to Colorado. Beautiful hiking within 45 minutes of the city.

chief mountain, co

These are the views before you even really get going. Love hiking Colorado.

chief mountain, co

After a couple of miles we reached the top. Awkward picture, it looks like Andy is hurting Eli 🙂hiking colorado

Stunning views.

chief mountain hiking coloradohiking colorado

And then we headed back down.

hiking colorado

Can’t wait to explore more mountains!

After our adventure we ate an early dinner and I watched the nail biting Pats game. I swear my heart was beating out of my chest for no reason. That game didn’t mean much of anything but I was still all wound up.

Before I go, I finally got around to “cooking” last week. I made this pumpkin spice smoothie and it was the perfect combination of summer and fall. This recipe is over at WalkJogRun if you’re interested. The baked goods in the background were my second attempt at pumpkin spice muffins. Still tweaking the recipe, right now…they are really not good, but the smoothie is!

pumpkin smoothie

Have a great Monday.

Enjoy and Exhale!


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  • Reply Emily K @ Leaf Parade September 30, 2013 at 11:44 am

    So beautiful! I’m glad you’re enjoying things out there : )

  • Reply cchase7 September 30, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    The pics turned out great! The background looks fake. Love it! Looking forward to many more hikes with you, Michael and the mountain-goat-dog, Eli!

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