Hiking with Baby

August 10, 2015

I’m currently attempting to get Noe to nap following the Happy Sleeper method. I don’t think it’s working as of yet but a friend of mine sleep trained her little one with this book so I thought it was worth a shot. While I sit here and listen to her fuss I figured I’d pop in to share what we got up to this weekend…hiking with baby.

While I was pregnant my boss gifted us with her old hiking pack. It’s been sitting in our basement for the past 8 months collecting dust. While going through our closet in my relentless urge to purge (more on that some other time) we came across the hiker. Noe has been sitting up assisted for the past few weeks so we stuck her in the hiking backpack to test it out. I did a few laps around our basement and up and down the stairs, she was pretty happy.

hiking with baby

On Wednesday I made the solo trek out to Elk Meadows in Evergreen. I tried to get out early as it was supposed to be a scorcher of a day. We took our favorite four legged friend along too. He was in heaven.

hiking with baby

We hiked for about 3 hours. It was about 30 minutes too long for this little one. She melted down something serious toward the end. I was trying everything to calm her down. I sang her song after song and must have looked like a lunatic to the other hikers. hiking with babyAfter a pretty successful first hike, we brought Michael along on Saturday. We did a short hike through the Elk Meadows Dog Park which is a few miles worth of open space that’s off-leash. If you have a dog in Denver, check it out! There are creeks and trails and plenty of space for dogs to run around. We only went out for about an hour before getting caught in a rainstorm but Noe did really well the entire time. hiking with babyHaving completely caught the hiking with baby bug we went for a third hike to Red Rocks on Sunday. We got the the amphitheater right before it closed for an event but we’ll definitely head back there earlier in the coming weeks so we can run the stairs. The views up there are amazing.hiking with baby

Once we were kicked out of the venue we found an overlook trail not to far from the parking lot. The trail was only about 1.5 miles but again it was mid-day and HOT so we didn’t push it with the little one. She seemed pretty content to be outside though.hiking with baby

After hiking we headed downtown for some lunch. This was Noe’s first experience with sitting at the table, so grown up. We went to HopDoddy Burger Bar in Union Station. They had a hemp burger with sunflower seeds and avocado, delicious and no post hike meal is complete without a beer! IMG_0332


We showed Noe the fountains after lunch.My little water baby was in awe of all the water. IMG_0335

All in all it was a lovely weekend. I’m so glad we tried out hiking with the baby. I see plenty of hikes in our future before the weather cools down.

Btw, she fell asleep long enough to let me write this whole post. Success.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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