Inspire Me: Inspiration and Motivation Number Two

October 10, 2016

This is part of my ongoing series Inspire Me: Inspiration and Motivation Number Two.

Last week, I was trying to come up with something to write about for today’s post and I just felt wrung out, like the well was dry and I was banging on the bottom with my bucket. Ever feel that way? I couldn’t think of a single topic that felt worthy of writing about and none of my draft ideas seemed inspiring. That’s the funny thing about inspiration. One day your list of potential ideas can seem alive, almost dancing off the page. The next, you revisit them and they’re lackluster at best. It’s on these days that I try to follow a few of these rules. But when even that doesn’t help, I’ve found that I can’t go banging my head on the empty well, instead I must go in search of new water.

Inspire Me: Inspiration and Motivation Number Two

If you’re in a creative, inspirational or motivational slump, give these a read.

  1. I know I talk about Magic Lessons a lot but the season finale podcast was just so, so good. Elizabeth Gilbert interviewed Glennon Doyle Melton whose blog Momastary I’ve followed for a long time. There are so many incredibly powerful moments in this podcast. My favorite part was where she said no one is unique in what they’re offering, it’s the voice in which they offer it that’s unique. Brilliant! If you’re looking for inspiration to get you going on your creative journey, whatever that may be, listen to the whole season, it’s well worth it!
  2. Give yourself permission to…unfollow, unplug, rest…such an important reminder.
  3. Even your workouts feeling uninspired? Try these Tips for Changing Up Your Running Routine.
  4. I need a new go-to dinner, I think this might be it.
  5. Want to get into meditation? Here is a 101 for meditating beginners and a journal of the authors 2 week experience with the practice.
  6. “Gratitude is not the result of things that happen to us; it is an attitude we cultivate by practice.” A gratitude practice can do wonders for us, read more here.
  7. I follow Kathryn Budig on Instagram and this post really hit me, other people’s lives are not perfect, the grass is not always greener. Let’s stop thinking it is.
  8. I’m all for making desserts healthier. Look at this ooey gooey goodness made with sweet potatoes.
  9. A 5 hour work day? See how one company gave their employees real work life balance and maintained a successful business.

Today’s Makings Of Small Step: Share your own inspiring links to go along with this week’s Inspire Me: Inspiration and Motivation Number Two.

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