Is The Perfect Opportunity Holding You Back?

July 19, 2016

Is the perfect opportunity holding you back? Or more specifically, is waiting around for the perfect opportunity holding you back? Well, let me tell you a little story about flowers…I swear it’s relevant.

A few months back we planted some flowers in two pots on the front porch. One of the pots had a hole in the bottom for water to drain through while the other didn’t. We sort of knew that planting flowers in a non-draining pot probably wasn’t the best idea, but we didn’t have any other containers and we’d bought too many flowers. So we went ahead and planted them anyway.

As suspected, a few weeks in, the flowers in the draining pot were thriving. The others looked pretty pathetic. Michael and I talked about pulling the dying flowers and calling it a wash. I’m not sure if we got distracted but we never got around to it and when I went to water the other flowers I continued sprinkling some on the dying ones all the same.

Because I tend to water our plants at the end of the day, when I’m fried, it wasn’t all that odd that I didn’t pay attention to the plants as I watered them. My mind is usually in a million other places at that time of day and although presence and single-tasking are skills I’m working on, they are not skills I’ve nailed. This is all to say that I wasn’t really pay attention to the flowers.


As spring rolled into summer, I eventually started paying attention and realized that both pots were suddenly thriving. The second set of flowers were as bright, healthy and colorful as those in the draining pot. They weren’t weaker plants. In fact, they are probably even heartier because of the fight they had to put in to survive. They simply needed a little time to adapt to their less than ideal surroundings in order to thrive.

This short story is really just a reminder to myself (and you) not to give up when conditions aren’t perfect. Perfection is overrated and honestly, not that common. Let’s strive to be more like the flowers in the second pot, growing where we’re planted instead of wishing for some more ideal and possibly unrealistic alternate circumstances.

Today’s Makings Of Small Step: Are you waiting for the perfect opportunity to grow? Is waiting for the perfect opportunity holding you back? Now is the time.




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