Marinated Carrot Dogs

August 4, 2014

While our friends were here last weekend we stopped at the Highland Square farmers market for breakfast. I’m not a huge food truck fan but everyone else was eating so I thought, “why not?” They have tons of food trucks there, one of which, Wong Way Veg, is strictly vegetarian. They had a lot of good choices but I decided to sample one of their marinated carrot dogs after a recommendation from the food truck lady. I was not disappointed. I’ve always found veggie dogs to be a little blah and have been known to just eat the bun with the toppings so this was the perfect alternative. It’s light and flavorful and totally natural.

marinated carrot dogs

Once home I knew I needed to recreate the recipe. Luckily, the recipe was on the Door to Door organics website. I made some adjustments to the marinade. And because the week got crazy and one thing led to another, my carrot dogs marinated for 3 days. I don’t think it made much difference beyond the dogs being a little bit more steeped in the marinade but 12 hours would work just as well.


You can eat these marinated carrot dogs on a hot dog bun, gluten-free bun or even in as a lettuce wrap with a piece of Bibb lettuce. The topping possibilities are endless. The Wong Way Veg dog had cabbage on top but you can also go more traditional with mustard and relish and of course, ketchup.

I really loved these! And the marinated was totally safe to use as a salad dressing afterward. I made a zucchini noodle type thing with the marinade and it tasted just like a healthy version of top ramen. Michael took one bite and said, “yeah, I’ll be requesting that a lot.”



Enjoy and Exhale!

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