Month Five

August 7, 2015

Holy lack of posting. This past month has been a bear. Not so much with Noe but on the work front. I went back to work part time at the end of May and took on a new project in mid-June. It turned out to be a little bit more labor intensive than I anticipated which didn’t leave much time for writing blog posts. The event was last week so I’m now coming up for air.

five months

Anyway, let’s talk about month five since I’m almost two posts behind now.

Noe is such a happy baby. All smiles, except right after getting out of the bath. You can pretty much make her smile just by smiling at her or singing “If you’re happy and you know it”. Making her laugh is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve become really good at funny faces, noises and bad songs.


We spend a lot of time trying to keep her entertained and learning.


She’s incredibly inquisitive and focused.IMG_9969

I’ve gone a little crazy with the books but I can’t help it. We have a great used children’s book store near us and the books are usually about $1. It’s sort of like the book shop in You’ve Got Mail. They are so nice I just have to support them.


I think she likes books, but one can’t be sure.


The big goal for this month was getting out more. We spent the spring mostly at home and we were all going a little crazy. We needed to do more outings. It’s been a lot easier over the past few weeks with the warm weather and all the farmer’s markets. We’re all much happier.


We spent some time with family around the 4th.

IMG_9786 IMG_9787IMG_9929IMG_9912IMG_9941

Napping continues to be our biggest daily struggle. She has been sleeping great at night, going down around 7:30 and sleeping until anywhere between 5:45 and 7:15. It’s been pretty amazing and I realize how fortunate we are. But she just won’t sleep during the day. Maybe 20 minutes here or there but nothing much beyond that. By the end of the day she is struggling so much that I may start putting her down earlier so she can get in the extra time, although that means she may miss her daddy on weeknights.


She adores her daddy.


And four wheeling, just kidding.


Weight: She was 14.8 lbs at her 4 month appointment. She went through a crazy growth spurt right after that so my guess is she’s about 15 lbs now.

Likes: music of any kind: singing, the radio, her music cube. Toys with texture, shape, anything that makes noise. She’s also still really into water. She went swimming for the first time this month and loved it. She loves her bath, the hose, wet wash cloths. She also loves her nanny. She comes twice a week and Noe lights up when she walks into the room. It’s really sweet.

Dislikes: I’m sure I’m not thinking of something but she seriously loves most everything. In month five she wasn’t super keen on tummy time but that’s now changed.

Can’t live without: her exer-saucer, her feet, they fascinate her.

Favorite Noe-ism: she does this little dance on her back that is hysterical. She gets all excited and stomps her feet and wiggles her hands alongside her body.

Overall, she is really coming into her own. She’s definitely not the little, helpless newborn anymore. She’s much more independent, stubborn and vocal. The girl babbles all. the. time. I swear she already knows how to say mama and boom. She reacts to the things around her and is fascinated by the world. It’s given me a refreshing new perspective on things too.

Enjoy and Exhale!


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