Month Four

June 11, 2015

Currently I’m writing this while Noe sits in the swing and tries to grab her feet with her hand. She doesn’t have her binky in and yet, is surprisingly quiet and entertained. It’s a far cry from those early days of not being able to set her down. She’s turning into quite the independent little creature, although both Michael and I like our alone time so this shouldn’t surprise me.

four months 1-4

This picture sums up the last month. Suddenly she’s so big, it’s like we look down and she’s outgrown the day’s outfit. This is a 6 month onesie that she’s worn once. It’s already to small.


This month the transition seemed big. Maybe it was that the weather finally changed. It’s so obvious which pictures were taken early in the month when it was nice and cool and which were taken later when we were sweltering in our unairconditioned house.

Regardless, she’s growing so fast. She’s alert and interested in her toys.



In jewelry, watch out!


In just about anything.


Noe’s been incredibly interactive and expressive. Lots of smiles and laughs. She reacts to us smiling at her and she will mimic our laughs, which is the most adorable thing in the world.


She’s still not much of a tummy timer but we’re getting there.


Napping continues to be a struggle, although it does seem to be getting more consistent. She’ll nap for about 30 minutes in the morning, mid-day and in the late afternoon. I can usually get her to sleep in her swing or even the crib but on desperate days we still cuddle together for naps.


We’re only averaging about 2 hours of naps a day, which seems like nothing but she’s sleeping through the night (knock on wood), which makes up for the lack of sleep during the day, hopefully. We’ve been able to put her down between 7:30-8:15 for the past week or so and she sleeps until anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30 depending on the day. If she’s up at 5:30 I try to put her back down, sometimes it’s successful, sometimes.

Getting her down earlier has given me and Michael some time together. We’ve been opening a bottle of wine and sitting on the front porch in the evenings. It’s been a nice change from just sitting on the couch watching TV.



The summer weather has us outside more. We’ve spent some quality time in the park and running in the stroller.


Or going for walks.


She loves toys and has mastered the art of grabbing. She’ll pull her binky out of her mouth, hold it, then drop it. There’s no mastery of putting it back in her mouth.


She’s such a happy baby. Michael and I can’t believe our luck. She’s so happy when we wake up and go into her room. It almost doesn’t matter what time it is. Seeing her smile is everything.

IMG_9577  IMG_9530

This month also saw the return of racing. I ran the Bolder Boulder again. Last year this was the last race I ran before finding out I was pregnant. I was in really good shape and ran it in 47:51. This year my goal was to race it in under 50 minutes. I knew I’d never beat last year’s time but it felt like a decent goal. I missed it by 19 seconds 🙁 It was still an amazing race and I’m happy to know that I can still run sub 8 miles. All that stroller training paid off.

IMG_9358 IMG_9352


I have been feeling really good. I’ve actually had a few people ask me how I’m feeling lately and I’ve had to pause and think, “what are they talking about?” Breast feeding has become the norm and although I’m still hungry, I don’t feel crazy famished in the mornings anymore. I do sleep harder than I used to, falling asleep almost immediately, so I’m sure I’m still taxing my body quite a bit with the running, looking after her, the keeping her alive and all. 🙂

Weight: Not sure but Michael got on the scale with and without her last week and our home scale said 15lbs. Not sure how accurate it is but we have an appointment on Friday to find out. She’s wearing 3 month clothes all the way up to 9 month clothes so I don’t know if she’s on track for her age or not.

Likes: mommy, I’ll admit it, she’s pretty crazy about me right now, Michael has been having some trouble getting her down at night but she’s falling asleep just fine if it’s mommy putting her to bed.

Dislikes: she only really cries these days in the time between getting out of the bath, getting into her pjs and getting the dinner bottle. If we hesitate with the bottle it’s all over.

Can’t live without: summer clothes, books, she’s just like her mom, grandma and granny. She just loves books, yay!

Favorite Noe-ism: her laugh when you get her going

Looking forward to: her sitting up and being able to play off her back

Enjoy and Exhale!


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