Month Nine

December 10, 2015

Oh where to start. This baby is a trip.

month nine

She’s smart, funny, and has developed her own little personality. The last few weeks have been so fun. I can’t believe we’re through month nine. I always had month nine in my head as a far off milestone. Everyone comments on how much they love babies at that age so I just kept waiting, it didn’t disappoint.

Just look at her! She’s becoming so much less baby and more little girl.

month nine

I’ve really noticed her ability to show emotion this month beyond happy and sad.


month nine

Awed. month nine


month nine


month nine

Angry. (And tortured, poor thing.)

month nine

At the start of the month my brother came out for a visit. We took him on a tour of Denver and he introduced us to Top Golf. I seriously sucked but it was a cool experience.

month nine

Chilling with Uncle Teddy.

month ninemonth nine month nine

We’ve had a few snowy and cold days this month. You can’t tell from this picture but it was about 35 degrees this particular afternoon. We were over in City Park after a run and were the only people on the playground. That’s happened quite a few times lately.

month nine

I read this article about the indoors being equally overstimulating and boring for children (I wish I could remember what site it was on) and that it does kids a lot of good to get out of the house at least once a day, regardless of the weather. I’ve always found such calmness and energy in the outdoors so I love the idea of passing this along to Noe. All you really need is good gear and the cold isn’t so bad. She doesn’t seem to mind it.

month ninemonth nine

month nine

We spent Thanksgiving in Colorado Springs where Noe was doted on and spoiled by all of her family.

month ninemonth ninemonth ninemonth nine

noe and daddy

All the extra hands gave Michael and I some time together. We went running the day after Thanksgiving in the snow.

thanksgiving run

Eli loved being alone with us, doesn’t happen much these days. thanksgiving run

She continues to love books and flips the pages on her own now.

month nine

She also continues to love her food. I am trying to cut back on my TV watching so we have a new morning ritual of eating breakfast together at the table.

month nine

We hit up a very special story time with Spider Man. I was impressed that she didn’t freak out.      month nine

She’s obsessed with clapping and loves the If You’re Happy and You Know It Song.  

month nine month nine

I took on a last minute project with my old company which came with the added perk of a trip to NYC to see this girl!

month nine

It was the first roundtrip trip I’ve taken alone with Noe. The flight out was a little painful and she didn’t sleep at all but we were lucky enough to get a seat for the carrier on the way home which allowed her to nap. Making for a much happier baby and mommy.

month nine

We got in some sister sister time as well which included some wine, ab work and yoga. Not in that order.

month nine

Weight: We still haven’t been to the pediatrician since 6 months, which seems like a long time but it’s the way they do it, so my guess is around 25lbs. She’s in size 3 diapers and has been for a while but the range on that size is huge. She’s also mainly in 9 and 12 month clothes so I think she’s tracking well.

Likes: everything that is not a toy. Cell phones, watches, remote controls, tin foil, ziplock bags, magazines, bottles, keys, you get the picture. She’s also quite the dancer. We’ve watched Usher on Sesame Street sing the ABCs about 100 times. I have a thing for Usher so maybe it’s more for me then her. 🙂

Dislikes: Diaper changes. This is a new thing, you have to distract her with something or else she goes flipping and thrashing. Anything from the above list works well.

Waiting on: Crawling. She’s doing a lot of rolling and army crawling using one side but we’re still not totally there.

Favorite Noe-ism: how excited she is by the morning or light in general. Anytime you bring her to a window or turn on a light she smiles. She also lifts the curtain to the living room window at night and tries to peek under it which is adorable.

Mom Update: I’m feeling more balanced and energetic these days. We’ve been weaning breastfeeding a bit over the past month which I attribute to the renewed energy. I’m still feeding four times a day but I stopped doing the nightly pump. Pumping is the worst and having to do it right before bed was such a pain. I don’t miss it at all. My plan is to breastfeed until a year but I’m following her lead. She seems way more interested in real food now so we’ll see how long breastfeeding continues.

I’ll leave you with a yoga pose from the past month. I love doing these shots with her. Her face here is priceless.

month nineEnjoy and Exhale!

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  • Reply nicole December 10, 2015 at 11:16 am

    OMG her expressions! She’s amazing! I love that one with her and Eli in the snow … too cute. And I agree re kids and outside — so essential. We also try to get out once a day (why it’s so hard to be here during the hot months) at least, and I think it’s good for both of us. xo

    • Reply Lisa February 9, 2016 at 11:29 am

      I follow by your example Nicole. I love seeing that Sierra is always outside, so good for everyone!

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