Month Three

May 7, 2015

It seems the months are going faster and faster. The first six weeks felt like an eternity but now a day slips by almost seemingly without me knowing. I should have been writing this update as the month progressed but alas I didn’t so I’ll have to go off what memory I have and these photos as proof it actually happened and that we are in month three.

All I can say is that Noe continues to get more and more fun with each passing day. She’s discovering the world around her and it’s so amazing to see. Our little baby is not so little anymore. The last time we went to the doctor at two moths she was 10.5 lbs but my guess is she’s closer to 12 now. She fits well into most 3 months pieces of clothing and is now officially out of all newborn clothes, including her sleep sacks which used to seem so huge on her. I sort of can’t believe the onesie she’s wearing in the photo below still fits.

three months

Time lapse.

months 1-3

This might be my most favorite photo of her yet. She’s a really happy baby especially in the morning and mid-day. She smiles like crazy and has started to smile in reaction to things like singing and pretending to eat her feet.

three months

She’s holding her head up really well and can sit on her own if we can prop her against something with a back but does have a tendency to tip over, which is sort of funny.

month three

Her eyes continue to lighten and pretty much match mine at this point. I’m hopeful that they’ll stay blue.

month three

We’ve made it a point to get out of the house more this month. It’s been really good for all of us not to spend so much time at home. We visited Michael’s cousin and family. It was the most incredible thing to see Noe and Livy together. Liv was attentive and acted just like a big sister. We pretty much spent the entire visit snapping photos. It felt like every second was worth documenting.

cousins cousinsIMG_9087

Noe’s begun to take some interest in books. She can sit through about one story before getting distracted.

story time

She continues to LOVE bath time and her only real screaming fit during the day is right after we take her out of the tub. She absolutely loses it. I don’t blame her, I love the bath too.

bath time

She’s much more independent now. She can spend time on her little playmat and in the swing without crying. Making it much easier for me to get things done now. She’s also learning to grab at things, Mr. Starfish is a favorite.

month three

I could look at this face all. day. long. She’s much better sleeping on her own now and very rarely falls asleep on me anymore.


She continues to love on her daddy, especially in the evenings. Michael is still doing the evening feeding. She goes to bed around 8:30 and has been sleeping pretty much straight until between 5 and 6 in the morning. It’s been great getting so much uninterupted sleep. She won’t always go back down in her crib after she’s up but will usually fall asleep for another hour or two in the swing while I nap on the couch.


Sometimes daddy does her hair!

bad hair day

She’s captivated by color.


And is finally noticing the dog.

noe and eli

And other people.

aunt cathy and uncle andy month three

Her smiles are out of control!

first smiles

Personally I feel great. I continue to run and do yoga and walk on days in between. I’m back in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes minus a few shirts that just don’t fit right over the girls. 🙂 I’m going to begin teaching again starting this week at a new studio. We are also exploring daycares so that I can go back to work a few days a week starting this summer.

Weight: Not sure but guessing 11 or 12lbs.

Likes: her playmat, sucking on her hand, her little mousy toy, mornings

Dislikes: getting out of the bathtub

Can’t live without: her swing

Favorite Noe-ism: all of her amazing little faces

Looking forward to: laughter, she’s kind of giggling and she’s working on flipping from stomach to back, I imagine that will happen in the next month or so

Love you little No-Bird.

3 month

Enjoy and Exhale!

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