Months Six and Seven

October 6, 2015

Time seriously got away from me. I can’t believe our little girl will be 8 months on Thursday. I’m so behind on posts that it’s probably best just to combine months six and seven into one long post.

six months

One word sums up our little bug…sweet. She is so kissable and lovable right now. Some days I can’t even deal. I take about 6000 photos of her daily.


Way back in July, we took our first trip to Chicago. It was really important to my grandma and my mom to get Noe baptized so we decided to do it in Chicago so that my grandma could be a part of the celebration. Flying with her turned out to be less stressful than originally imagined. I think the short 2 hour trip helped.


Other month six highlights, Noe spent some time in the pool, which she loved.


Playing music with Granny, she loves every kind of music.


She learned to sit up.


And continues to enjoy her books.


A few weeks after our Chicago trip we flew to California to see my mom.


And visit some old friends in Sacramento.


Michael had to leave that trip early so I flew home solo with Noe. She was an absolute dream on the flight home then proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs the entire drive from the airport to home. Don’t let that face fool you.


Month six also brought her first foray into solids. We started with rice cereal mixed with breast milk but shortly thereafter I was drinking carrot juice and decided to give her a little. She went absolutely crazy for it so we’ve been giving her rice cereal and oatmeal mixed with carrot juice.


She loves food.



She’s also crazy about water.


Other loves, the cat and the dog. She doesn’t quite understand the word gentle yet so there is a lot of fur pulling and grabbing at their collars. She’s constantly interested in what they’re up to.

IMG_0483 IMG_0488

She’s endlessly curious about everything around her from toys to measuring cups, to keys and cell phones (already). She’s only cried about two things being taken away from her…a wet washcloth and my cell phone. It starts early.

IMG_0509 IMG_1195  IMG_0562

In the hot summer months we spent a lot of time in our basement which has the double benefit of being cool and carpeted. We like to play on the floor, sing songs and do yoga.


She thinks it’s hilarious when I do handstands and forearms stands above her.


Six month stats:

Weight: She was 18lbs at her 6 month checkup which we did a few weeks late.

Likes: music, the dog, the cat, playing peek-a-boo, anything her mom is drinking or eating

Dislikes: Tummy time

Waiting on: Crawling

Favorite Noe-ism: her smile when you walk into the room in the morning. She’s so excited to see you. It melts my heart.


Seven months.

seven months

Our sweet girl has also become quite silly. She is starting to understand the idea of Facetime and smiles every time she hears the sound of the Facetime ring. She knows it means that someone she loves will pop up on the screen. It’s pretty amazing to see.

We did a bunch of hiking in August. She tolerates the pack really well. On the hike pictured below we ended up in a rainstorm but she didn’t care one bit.


I hate to even mention this but she loves what we refer to as the “Starbucks Lady”. She gets really excited if we hand her one of our reusable cups. Maybe she won’t have a favorite stuffed animal, she’ll just sleep with coffee cups.


Right around seven months her first tooth started to pop through, followed a few days later by her second tooth on the bottom next to the first. She got a little fussy and a bit flushed when they were coming in but teething hasn’t been terrible so far.


Michael had a work trip scheduled in New York for mid-September so we decided to tag along. We spent the weekend exploring the city and spending quality time with my sister and her boyfriend.


They have a pretty nice view from their roof deck!


Noe fell in love with her Auntie Sarah. She even spent two nights at her house, our first real nights away from her.


She enjoyed her first brunch as well.

IMG_1376 IMG_1381

She’s so inquisitive and curious. Everything is a toy, including the basket the toys come in.


She also loves the swing at the park. It’s nice to be able to stop at the playground now, after a run, instead of just walking by it.


She’s super cuddly, giving open mouth kisses and mini hugs.


She still loves being in the stroller and is great on long walks and runs. It remains one of the few places where she’ll nap. Speaking of sleeping, she continues to be a great night sleeper, going down around 7 and sleeping until about 7 the next morning, it’s glorious. She also continues to be a terrible napper. She usually takes a 25 minute nap in the morning on our run/walk and then maybe another 30 minute nap around 2:30. That tends to be it. I’ve tried everything: having her sleep on me, cry it out, the Happy Sleeper method, she’s just not a napper right now.

I hope that when she’s a bit more mobile it’ll cause her to tire out a bit during the day and go down but our pediatrician isn’t concerned so we aren’t either, even if I can’t get anything done during the day, at least I’m getting a full night’s sleep!


She loves football, of course.


In month seven we expanded her food experience. She’s had all kinds of fruits and veggies: peas, squash, carrots, beets, apples, oranges, watermelon. Her favorite by far are grapes which we put into these mesh sleeve things so she can suck on them without risk of choking. Below she’s trying her first green juice, which she loved. I also gave her some squash soup over the weekend that had lots of spices in it and she went crazy for it.


She’s just so wonderful. Some days are hard and feel like they go on forever but she’s becoming so much more of a little person. I love watching her learn, grow and explore the world every day.


She’s learning to do yoga too :).


Weight: Not sure but probably close to 18 or 19lbs.

Likes: grass, people, nursery rhyme videos on youtube

Dislikes: tummy time, she immediately flips over to her back and I mean immediately, like in the air as you start to put her down. She’s also not interested in crawling yet. We’re trying to get her on her hands and knees more but she screams and then flips. Anyone have tips for tummy time or getting your baby to crawl? Or should we just be patient?

Can’t live without: the boppy. We still use the boppy nonstop whether it’s for feeding or putting behind her in case she falls backward, that thing is the best.

Favorite Noe-ism: how she smiles the minute someone answers a Facetime call.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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