Months Twelve and Thirteen

March 31, 2016

So many of you wrote to say that you like the month recaps so I’ll keep them going for a bit longer. With the move and losing Eli this update has taken a backseat and even though we’re a few days out from the end of her thirteenth month, I think it’s easier just to combine the two. So without further ado, months twelve and thirteen.

Oh and I got lazy and stopped taking the month photos next to the bunny. I’m not sure that I could get her to lay down like that anymore anyway. ūüôāmonth-13

Noe continues to be a sweet, inquisitive, ever curious little girl. She has a mind of her own and is all chatter and pointing and hair all the time, wonder where she gets it from?month-13

The beginning of month 12 had us still in Colorado. We were ushered out with a stretch of beautiful days, which we enjoyed with lots of walks to our favorite parks.month-12

Amazing sunsets.IMG_4777

First ice creams. IMG_4652

And tearful goodbyes to our Elle. IMG_4843

We spent an interim week at my mom’s while waiting on our new place. Grandma spoiled Noe by buying her her very own crib and setting up her home away from home room, where she has already¬†spent a couple of Saturday nights!IMG_4929IMG_4924

In month twelve she learned how to do downdog and is now very comfortable moving around in this position. month-12

My childhood friend lives around the corner from my mom so we also had the pleasure of spending a few afternoon playdates with Melissa and her son John.   month-12

We explored some new parks and the chance to try out toys other than the swing. I don’t know why I was so hesitant to put her on other things and honestly didn’t even realize it until much later. I kept her away from sand for months which is too bad because she adores playing in it. ¬†month-13month-12

In month thirteen we moved into our rental in Berkeley. We immediately started exploring all of the great trails and parks in our area. Noe loves to be outside and is fascinated by birds, the sky, the moon, pretty much anything above her. She constantly points and asks, “what’s that?” months-12-and-13

She is also still very much into books. She can entertain herself for quite a while reading. She babbles constantly and can now say, hi, hey, what’s that, mama, baby, dada and her absolute favorites bye and Guy.¬†months-12-and-13


This month she started pulling herself up and standing against things. I was shocked one evening when I felt a pull on my pant leg, assuming she was sitting down, only to turn around and see her standing. She also somehow learned how to climb stairs. She went from going up and down one step repeatedly, from our master to the laundry room, to being able to climb our entire staircase in two days. months-12-and-13

She’s incredibly mobile and flexible. I just noticed that she’s also doing yoga in this photo when I started pulling pictures for this post. ¬†month-13

She sleeps in crazy positions and rolls around all night long. month-13

She’ll put up with some of my yoga photo taking but is now fully aware of what the phone is and as soon as she sees it she makes a beeline for it. We limit her screen time to the phone for a few minutes a few days a week, mostly Sesame Street, she loves Elmo. ¬† ¬† ¬†months-12-and-13

She is still a very good eater. We’ve cleared all foods (minus meat) with no allergies, though we’ll continue to watch for signs of Celiac as she gets older. We try to feed her gluten-free items like waffles and pasta since they tend to be¬†on hand for Michael anyway. She is no longer as crazy about smoothies, contrary to this photo. This might be the only one she’s had in the last few months and it just so happened to have been mine.¬†month-13


I’ve noticed that she goes in phases with foods. She went through a couple days of being obsessed with cuties, eating 4-5 a¬†day. Then one day she decided she was over them and wouldn’t take another bite. I try to mix up her diet a lot. Her new favorites are eggs and tomatoes. months-12-and-13

Noe definitely loves her parents but I see an independent streak in her already. As soon as she starts walking, watch out world. month-13

Her aunt Nichol and Uncle Dave visited from LA over Easter weekend. She had a fun time showing the around Cal and making them smile.month-13

She also had an afternoon of fun with my best friend Julie while mommy went to the dentist. She was more into her nose than a selfie.   month-13

She is fascinated by Guy and chases him around, pulls on his tail and tries to pet him constantly. Guy, for the most part, tolerates it really well and when he’s fed up simply walks away, soon to be followed by Noe, of course.months-12-and-13

That brings me to Eli who was gentle and loving with her (and all of us) until the very end. He was patient as she pet him, climbed on his back and touched his paws, even though he hated his paws being touched. months-12-and-13

This is the last photo I took of Eli, right before our walk on the morning he got sick. I think it’s only fitting that it’s with her. He was protective of her from day one and his love and watchfulness never waned. I’m glad she isn’t¬†old enough to feel the Eli shaped hole left in his absence or ask where he is. I don’t think my heart, or Michael’s, could take it.¬†months-12-and-13

Months Twelve and Thirteen Stats:

Weight: She weighed in at just under 20lbs at our 12 month appointment. She can just barely wear month 12 onesies but can still wear month 9-12 pants.

Likes: Food, music, stairs.

Dislikes:¬†Getting changed. I didn’t realize¬†a human could hit those high notes until I tried to get her on the changing table. In order to change her she needs to be strapped down and distracted.

Sleep: She‚Äôs still going¬†down around 6:45 and sleeps until about 7.¬†She’s still taking 2 naps a day: one at 10:30 and one at 2:30 both for about an¬†hour though sometimes it takes her about 20-30 minutes in the afternoons, to finally fall asleep. She can also get crabby if you try to come get her before she’s ready. She needs time to wake up!

Teeth: We had a resurgence of teething in the last two months. She has three top teeth coming in on the right, including a molar and one molar coming in on the right bottom.

Breast feeding: Our last feeding was on the plane on our way to California. I went on a girl’s weekend trip that weekend and decided not to try feeding when I got back. She honestly didn’t even seem to notice. I feel very fortunate that it wasn’t a big deal.

Games: She is a pro at clapping, putting her elbows out, peek-a-boo and showing us where her nose is.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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