How To Be Okay With Just Being Okay

November 15, 2016

Sometimes you need to be okay with just being okay.

Let me explain because you know I’m all for the “let’s be better than we were yesterday” mindset. I’m a striver, a go-getter. I like to get after it, make goals, have plans. I love a good self help book, an article or podcast touting how to be more successful, organized, happy, calm.

My mom calls this the Oprah effect. Some of us are wired to be in constant growth/improvement mode and I’m the first to admit that’s me.

I subscribe to O, I read all the popular self help books, I love a good discussion about self care, self love, self improvement. Heck, this entire blog is dedicated to improving wellness, health, fitness and I think it’s a totally noble cause.

But sometimes I just need to push the pause button. I need to okay not being extraordinarily this or super that. Sometimes I need to be okay with just being okay, in all my imperfect and blissfully wonderfulness. We all do.

A few weeks ago I came across this self care infographic in my photos, I’m sure it came from Instagram but its source is a mystery to me. For today’s purposes, I want to highlight the opposites of this chart. Yes, striving is great. Attributes like curiosity, adjusting environment, focusing on progress, exploration and prioritizing have their place but so do ease, rest, acceptance, pleasure and attending to comfort. It’s balance my friends and part of balance is being okay being unbalanced.

self care infographic
So in that spirit, let’s talk about ways to give yourself a break, take a breather and be okay with just being okay.

Let Yourself Be Over It

Whether it’s cooler weather, the early nightfall, the fall/winter blahs setting in or the hangover from last week’s election, some days I’m just not feeling it and I’m realizing that this is simply okay. I don’t need to be on top of my game every second and neither do you. Let yourself be, let yourself get quiet and introspective. You don’t need to be on and performing every second of the day. Take a hint from your phone, even it needs time to recharge every night.

Allow watching TV, reading a book or taking a nap to be worthy investment of your time.

How often have you spent a lazy afternoon or day lounging and then tried to justify it to someone (or yourself) later on?

Like I said, I’m all for the idea that we should try to be a little better than we were the day before but we don’t have to move forward everyday. Some days it’s okay to stand still, to be okay with who and where we are in the present.

All the striving can be exhausting. This is different from being complacent, and it’s certainly acceptable to let yourself be over it for a day or two. Let go of the guilt you find yourself associating with not being “busy”.

Get Your Hands Moving

When I’m feeling out of sorts I like to get my hands moving. Sometimes this means cooking, sometimes it means cleaning and organizing. A lot of times it means mindless tasks like laundry or sorting mail. It can be hard to see these types of tasks as anything other than chores but allow them to be mini head breaks instead.

These simple tasks allow my brain to wander, to reflect or simply daydream about escaping to the beaches of Hawaii.

Allow the Chaos

We all want to feel like we’re in control and feeling out of sorts or “not okay” can be derived from the chaos in our lives. There are times in life when chaos will reign. Instead of fighting it, let it wash over you. When I feel out of control I often try to fix it by organizing and decluttering the physical space around me. Although this can feel amazing, it can also leave me feeling exhausted. Know the difference between getting your hands moving and trying to control chaos. I could be wrong but I don’t think anyone has successfully controlled chaos while being completely depleted.

You don’t have to fight every battle the very second it comes up. 

okay with just being okay

Take The Pressure Off

The beauty of life is that as long as we’re still breathing, we get to try again tomorrow. We’re not guaranteed next days or weeks and in general we shouldn’t live with the assumption that we’ll get tomorrows.

But, when you’re feeling down, take the pressure off and simply vow to try again tomorrow.

How do you take care of yourself in times when you need to be okay with just being okay?

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  • Reply audrey November 16, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    i’ve struggled with this a lot lately, as well. but it feels so good to be okay with being okay. i used to say, “i’m better with hills and valleys and less plateaus. 😉

    • Reply Lisa November 17, 2016 at 1:58 pm

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one Audrey. It’s so easy for me to fall into the “I’m being lazy and need to achieve” mindset but lately I’ve found that so draining. Best to just back off a little and tackle extraordinary another day, haha!

  • Reply Ways to Simplify Life Right This Second - Makings Of December 20, 2016 at 2:25 pm

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