Race Recap: Back in the Day 10k

July 1, 2013

I’m backlogged on a bunch of adventures I need to share with you like our recent visit to Gloucester and a hiking trip I took over the weekend with a couple of friends but they’ll have to wait. Today I want to recap yesterday’s Back in the Day 10k race. I’m feeling exceptionally happy about it, mainly because my body felt really good despite thinking it was going to be a tough race.

The race started at 10 so we hopped on scoot a little early and headed over to Somerville.


When we arrived we were greeted with a plethora of neon, leotards and boomboxes. The race was 80s themed and amazing. Michael was my personal photographer and captured the madness below, big thank you to him!back in the day 10k back in the day 10k

These two were particularly awesome.back in the day 10k

That’s right, she’s running in a jean skirt.back in the day 10k

I didn’t have time to find anything 80s so I ran in my WalkJogRun shirt which I was gifted for writing for them.pre-race

Big bird showed up too. He looks a little depressed, must be the warm temps.back in the day 10k back in the day 10k

The race itself was really fun. The first mile was on a shaded jogging path which was nice and flat. I felt good from the beginning although I started too far back and ended up weaving and bobbing quite a bit in the first half mile.

The second mile started with a gradual and long uphill that never seemed to end. The course itself was rather hilly. Around the second mile I started running next to a guy who’s uphill gait was amazing. He seemed to float along and I tried my best to keep up with him. There was a steep incline mid-way through this mile but I kept a steady pace and plowed through it.

I had my watch with me this time and was keeping a keen eye on my 5k time. As I mentioned, my goal is a sub 24 minute 5k. As I hit the halfway mark my watch said 23:58, whoohoo, I’ll take it!

Mile 4 weaved in and out of the neighborhoods with lots of people cheering us along, which was very helpful. I kept pace with the hill guy as we climbed endless mini peaks. It made me reminisce about all my SF runs.

By mile 5 I was starting to feel a bit fatigued but focused on my breath. I tend to get a little nervous during races which messes with my pace. The more I focused on smooth inhales and exhales, the more relaxed and better I seemed to feel.

Around 5.5 miles I started to kick it. My watch was telling me that I was closing in on my old 10k time. I really wanted to PR which kept me pushing on.

There was a long straightaway before the final turn back onto the jogging path. I sort of wish I’d known there was only that last turn ahead, I feel like I could have kicked it sooner. Oh well, goals for next time.

I crossed the line with an official time of 49:50, beating my old 10k PR of 51:18. I was the 105th runner out of 831 and finished 9th in my age group. Yay me!

photo finish finishing the race

Post-race celebration!

post race

The swag was really good at this race which included these neon sunglasses, reflective bracelets and lots of Lara bars.new 80s shades

Afterward I had the chance to meet up with a member of my old book club and fellow blogger Emily. Check out her blog Leaf Parade for yummy recipes, beautiful photos and musings about training for her first marathon.Me and Emily

All in all I was incredibly pleased with my race. My body felt great and tackled the hills like a true San Franciscan. I’m looking forward a finding a couple more 10ks over the next couple of months. I think this just might be my new race distance.

Happy Monday.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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