Reduce Food Waste – Start Here

vegetable broth from veggie scraps

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your interest in learning to reduce food waste. I’m so happy you’re here.

My journey to reduce food waste began a million years ago. I am the daughter of a restaurant chef and if you know restaurant chefs then you know that they are notorious for using every last bit of their food in their recipes.

Food waste = wasted money and no restraunteur will stand for that.

As I grew up, my dad would see us trying to scrape our leftovers into the trash or throwing away a chunk of pepper or potato and stop us immediately yelling, “wait, that’s an order.” Not in the, obey me military kind of way, but in the, that chunk of pepper or potato is valuable, important and money, way!

Throwing away good food was the cardinal sin.

Fast forward some 25 years, and here I am with my own household and a 2 year old and I realized that sure, I might still be cutting my peppers and potatoes to minimize waste but we sure were wasting a lot of food and money.

It was time for a change.

So, I’m on a mission to reduce food waste one meal at a time. 

Because food is sacred, beautiful, life giving and expensive AF.

Did you know that the average household throws away 40% of the food they purchase?

Or that $1200/year of our hard earned cash is literally thrown in the trash?

Money is an excellent driver for reducing food waste. But, the good news is that it also helps the environment, makes us more conscious consumers and aids in reducing overall waste, which is another huge problem for our planet.

This blog is intended to give you recipes for reducing food waste, give you tips for smarter shopping and help you figure out how to use the food you’ve purchased in new ways. And, if ultimately, it helps save you a little money and create a greener lifestyle, bonus!

reduce food waste

But please don’t think it’s all or nothing.

I’m definitely not perfect at this.

Our home is not a zero food waste home.

My kid still eats half a string cheese and leaves the other half in the yard to harden and go bad without me noticing.

We still buy food that we forget about that goes bad in our fridge.

But, we’ve gotten A LOT better about food waste by simply being aware and using a few tools and you can too!

So, if you’re game, follow along. Share your ideas, recipes and tips for reducing food waste. I’d LOVE to hear from you.

If you’d like some additional resources to help reduce food waste in your home:

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And wrap it all up with a dessert using leftover Easter chocolate!

Reducing food waste may seem daunting at first but I promise it’s totally doable.