Reducing Food Waste 101 Series

November 28, 2017

Reducing Food Waste 101 Series

reducing food waste 101 series

Sometimes creativity can make me feel really paralyzed. I get inspired, write posts and then they sit in my drafts folder as the self-doubt seeps in. The fear that what I have to say is silly, boring, unimportant. So instead of publishing, there they stay. And that’s just the thing, they sit and then no one benefits, even if it’s just that one person that might enjoy the post in the first place.

This is all to say that I think I need to get out of my own way. Just start publishing posts, even if they seem too simple. Because the truth is that the things I write about are what fill my mind these days anyway: general food waste, ways to reduce food waste in our home, the beginnings of zero waste and how to share this message with others so that they care, listen, act.

Our food waste journey is ever evolving and nonlinear. I’ve written of this in the past but it often feels like the strides we make are tiny, unimportant and undeserving of attention.

Strides that may seem like no brainers to others and then suddenly slap me across the face.

Or strides that involve random foods that somehow make it into our home and need to be rescued before they go bad.

Yes they may be small strides but they’re making a difference in our home and if I wait to share what we’re doing until I’ve perfected it, quite frankly, I’ll never share anything ever again.

So in this spirit I’m starting a reducing food waste 101 series. Simple ideas that I’ve come across that are helping us save food and money in real life, not in that perfected one we strive for.

Yes these ideas may seem almost to simple to post, and yet…I’m bucking self-doubt and writing anyway.

Even if it’s after Thanksgiving now and everything I see is Christmas this and buy that. It still feels like the right time because this season can so quickly become one of overabundance and waste.

Here are some of the posts I’m thinking about for the reducing food waste 101 series:
  • Smarter fridge organization for reducing food waste.
  • Preserving fresh herbs because I’ve never once used a full bunch of parsley or dill in one recipe.
  • How to avoid overbuying at the grocery store during the holidays.
  • Dealing with the plethora of leftovers or odd foods we wouldn’t normally buy this time of year.
  • Ways to store food that don’t involve a bunch of plastic wrap. Not necessarily food waste specific but something I’m working on.

My hope is that this series feels tangible and realistic, because it is. All of the above are food waste challenges I’ve faced in my own kitchen over the past few months. They may be simple but they are still helping me ditch the “whatever, I’ll just throw it out” mindset. Hopefully this series will help us all save, store, shop and use food to better reduce food waste in the holiday season and the coming year.


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