Rev’d Up Rainbow Salad

April 1, 2014

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling a little run down. I travelled to New York last week for work and although I love seeing my sister and Will, I don’t love being on planes with loads of sniffling people. Top last week’s travel with this weekend’s move and a lot of takeout and, well, this girl needed a pick me up. Enter the Rev’d Up Rainbow salad.

rev'd up rainbow salad

I’m working abbreviated hours this week which gave me most of today off. That meant, a yoga class this morning, a couple of cups of tea, a shot of apple cider vinegar and a healthy lunch. As an aside, I’m researching a series on all natural remedies for WalkJogRun and spent a few hours learning about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Holy cow, this stuff seems to be magical. I’m planning to do a roundup of all my WJR articles so look out for this one soon.

Anyway, back to this rev’d up rainbow salad. Firstly, I made up the name because besides missing something blue it has every single color in the rainbow. Rolls right off the tongue, right? Second, I was inspired by Angela’s Nourish Glow Miracle Bowl. I didn’t have all the bits and piece to make an exact replica of her salad which brings me to my last point, use whatever salad fixings you have. Let this recipe be a guide to your own healthy creation. Oh and finally, eating this salad was a lot more fun because I made it all pretty to photograph it. Do with that what you will :).

rev'd up rainbow salad fixings

Okay, on to the salad. I’m sort of loving this moody salad photo. Haha.

rev'd up rainbow salad


Have a great rest of your day. Hopefully I’ll be back with more recipes and new house pictures later this week.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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