Sage Infused Vodka Sodas

June 9, 2014

I’ve gone through some evolutions of my favorite alcoholic drink over the years.

My freshmen year of college I gravitated to the usual culprits: highlife beers, cheap rum and an ill-fated encounter with peppermint schnapps which I never fully recovered from.

Sophomore year I went through a strange Alize phase that I don’t fully understand.

Junior year it was the screwdriver, followed shortly thereafter my senior year by vodka crans.

Once I graduated I finally realized that I didn’t need all that sugar and vodka sodas with a squeeze of lime became my drink of choice. There they’ve stayed at the top of my list for years and have become the only hard liquor drink I’ll really consume beyond the occasional vodka martini.

sage infused vodka sodas

Today I’m putting a little spin on my favorite cocktail: sage infused vodka sodas. I made the sage infused simple syrup to jazz up an otherwise plain drink. As I mentioned last week, it’s somewhat reminiscent of a green flavored popsicle but without the green dye.

sage infused vodka sodas

If you don’t have sage, feel free to substitute mint, thyme, rosemary, pretty much any herb will do. Also, let the simple syrup cool and thicken before adding it to the drink. It makes for a more flavorful cocktail. I personally also liked this with crushed iced, it reminded me of a Moscow mule sans the metal cup.


sage infused vodka sodas


Enjoy and Exhale!

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