Sage Mint Tea

May 27, 2014

A few days after we first moved into our new house we were out in the front yard. The yard is pretty low maintenance with a little grass and a dirt area with some plants right by the front porch. After looking more closely at the plants I realized that we had a sage bush.

sage and mint

I’ve never cooked with sage. In fact, after I saw it in the yard I went inside and searched sage on TasteSpotting. Most of the recipes that came up were meat dishes or very wintry fare. Neither of which were all that appealing at the beginning of summer. The rest of the recipes were for sage-y cocktails but we didn’t have any hard liquor in the house. Although I did seriously considering running out for some vodka to make vodka sodas with sage infused simple syrup. I have a sort of Moscow mule cocktail in mind with crushed ice and a really, really cold glass. But I was feeling lazy and going to the store was an endeavor I wasn’t willing to embark on.

Then I spotted a recipe for sage mint tea which sounded intriguing, albeit way more boring than a cocktail. The recipe was so easy that I couldn’t even consider it a recipe. But the results created an earthy, warming tea.

sage and mint tea

I added a little bit of honey but otherwise left it very pure.

steeping sage and mint tea

If you have other herbs out in your garden feel free to experiment.

sage and mint tea

Just as an example, we currently have a four-foot cilantro plant going crazy in our backyard so I’ve been mixing cilantro, mint, hot water and lemon or lime together. It’s a spin on the Healthy Girl in the City’s cucumber lemon cilantro water and a great way to start the day.



Enjoy and Exhale!

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