The Second Trimester

November 24, 2014

Once we were out of the First Trimester, time moved a little quicker. It’s true what they say about the second trimester, it really was much easier overall. I slept better and my energy was back to pre-pregnancy levels.

Physically it felt like a lot was going on but looking back on this picture of week 14 there’s really nothing to show.

15 weeks

Around week 16 I started to get a little bump, although my friend Tricia swore I was pushing it out, I really wasn’t! Running continued to be my exercise of choice. I only ran about 3 miles at a time and my pace hovered around the 9:20-9:50 depending on the day. I gave up on speed completely but I’m proud of myself for getting out there so regularly.

16 weeks

I went to see my mom in California around week 14. Because I was at sea level I was able to run 5.5 miles. That’s the only time besides 2 weeks into my pregnancy (when I didn’t even know I was) that I’ve been able to run over 4 miles.

Running in Walnut Creek


For the most part I continued eating pretty normally. I did have a few cravings. One day I really wanted onion rings but after about three I was over it. I have been more into cereal than I have been in years as I mentioned last week. And, apple pie! I really, really needed an apple pie somewhere around week 22. I hate to admit it but the best one we found to satisfy my craving was the frozen Marie Callendar’s brand. I can honestly say, the last time I had one of those was my sophomore year of college.

Breakfast has been and continues to be super important for me. I ate a lot of yogurt with fruit in the waning days of summer.


And I am utterly obsessed with my oat bars.

oat bars

I’ve also had a lot of soup. Whenever I’d go into the office, I would always stop by Alfalfa’s for a bowl of soup.

quinoa corn chowder

In week 17 I told my boss I was pregnant. My position is contract so I don’t know if it will be there when I’m ready to head back to work after baby but I will continue to work for them through the last few weeks of my pregnancy barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Week 18. Excuse the sleepy eyes and bed head. Our little bump is growing.

18 weeks

The day before we left for our babymoon we had our anatomy ultrasound. All looked good, god look at that little nose! We also found out we were having a little girl! I was so convinced it was a boy. I think I was more shocked then Michael.

19 weeks

While we were in Europe I felt the baby kick for the first time. What a trip. Michael thought I was making it up but a few days later while lying in our hotel room in Rome he put his hand on my belly and felt her for the first time.

Week 19 in Venice.

19 weeks

Week 21. Past the halfway point and definitely starting to show.

21 weeks

Around week 24 I started to get some SI joint pain on my right side. I’ve always had a funky SI joint and can usually pop it back into place but it’s definitely more out of whack than it’s ever been.

Around this time I also started going back to yoga more. Running was becoming increasingly more difficult (mostly due to the constant urge to pee) and with the colder weather I was craving the indoors.

I went to New York in week’s 23, 25 and 26 of my pregnancy for work. I finally broke down and bought some maternity clothes on my first trip. I didn’t buy much but if you’re interested in specifics let me know and I can do a post on it.

We missed our picture in week 24 but I took this around that time. There’s no denying the belly now.

24 weeks

Week 25 was Halloween. Happy Halloween from the Chases and poor Eli feeling left out in the background. halloween the second trimester

Week 26

I was a traveling machine toward the end of this trimester. My last trip to NYC occurred this week. It’s also when I started to experience some pelvic pain. The best way to describe the pain is like having been on a bike all day and then having soreness in your sit bones. It seems to be worse on the left side and when I shift positions. More annoying then anything but I asked my MD about it and she said it was normal.

Running slower than ever now but I will continue as long as I feel okay. My MD also said it was great to keep it up if I could as it’s very beneficial to keep the strength up in my muscles and it’s healthy for the placenta and baby.

Week 27

The weekend of week 27 was filled with so much love. I flew straight from NYC to SF for my baby shower. My best friends put it on at my mom’s house. Thank you Julie and Josie for the lovely shower.

julie and josie

My oldest friend Melissa, 10 weeks ahead of me.melissa

My mom.


Some family friends that I grew up with.

old friends

Baby B was crazy spoiled and we had to check a big bag on the way home filled with little girl clothes, baby blankets and supplies. She is so loved already. Thank you to all those that came out for the shower.

We also had our 28 week appointment at the end of week 27. All looks good. Baby is measuring great, heartbeat was strong and we heard for the third time now that we have a very active baby. No shocker to me as I feel her swim around all day long. Takes after her mom.

And with that, another 13 weeks done. Heading into the home stretch but still a ways to go.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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