Why I Picked a Theme Word for 2016

January 15, 2016

I’m way behind on the whole New Year, resolutions, goal setting thing. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to put forth in 2016 and what I’d like from the year. The new year always feels primed for change, fresh and clean slated. It also helps that my birthday falls around the new year so not only do I get to begin a new calendar year but a new year of my life.

I, like every other blogger on the planet, jumped on the bandwagon of choosing a theme word for the year. I liked the idea of encapsulating my hopes for the next 365 days into one word. But, mostly it helped me organize the 1000s of goals, plans, aspirations I have for the year ahead.

I’m a big believer that making changes doesn’t just have to happen on January 1st. I make resolutions on Tuesday afternoons, in the middle of the month, in the fall. It’s never too late. So, if you’re still in the new years-y spirit and the idea of choosing a New Year’s word is intriguing, here’s how I did it and the word I chose.

  1. I dedicated some quiet time to really thinking about what I want from the year ahead.
  2. I work best when I can write things out and arbitrarily choosing a word didn’t work for me so I started by writing out all of my 2016 goals. I didn’t edit myself, I just wrote everything that came to mind, big or small.
  3. Then I grouped them. For example, I knew I wanted to limit screen time, get Facebook off my phone and read more. Those all felt very similar so I put them together. I did this for most of my goals, although there were a few that lived on their own.
  4. Next, I looked at what all of my groups had in common and threw a few theme words above all of my goals.
  5. Lastly, I sat with the theme words for a bit and decided which called to me the most.

Once I’d worked through this process it became very clear to me that this year’s word is…


Why Reconnect?

Last year felt very insular, very self focused. With a new baby I found that we were just surviving, at least in the beginning. Everything was new, everything was a process. To get out the door it took (and still takes) at least 2 jackets, 1 leash, a stoller, diapers, wipes, food, sunglasses, you get the drift. As much as I wanted to do and go and get after it, last year was not the year for that. I said it over and over, this is not the season for… fill in the blank, and it wasn’t. It was the year of patience.

So as I thought about 2016 and where I’d like to see my life come December, reconnecting felt most authentic. I don’t want to be so closed off. I want to reconnect, with my practice, meditation, career, this blog, friends, community. And the nice thing is that I have a list of tangible goals that I can take actionable steps on. But, I also have my overarching word that works as a mantra when I feel stuck.

2016 theme word

Reconnect. Reconnect. Reconnect.

I hope this inspires you to pick your own word for the New Year and if you already have one, please share it, I’d love to hear what you’re working on.

Enjoy and Exhale!

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